Garden of Weedin’

When we moved into our house about a year ago, the yard was full of beautiful flowers. Knowing very little about gardening, I was scared to death I would accidentally kill them all. But between a lot of reading, a little luck and a fair amount of pestering the neighbors for advice, I’m happy to say the garden is looking pretty good.


This is mint. Para mesclar los mojitos.


Clematis next to our back patio. Seriously, have you ever seen anything so lovely?


This corner of the yard we lovingly refer to as “Boo Boo Park.” That square is the grave marker Patrick made when we had to put our sweet kitty to sleep. That’s impatiens and English ivy in the pots.


When we moved in, I almost tore out all the roses. I’d heard they were high-maintenance and I was pretty sure they would die in my care. Plus, they’re all thorny and kind of a pain. Thank goodness I didn’t give up so easy!


This is a perfect rosebud. Her four backup dancers are about to bust wide open too!


That’s at least seven buds, about to blast open right in fromt of our living room window.


Purple petunias! These smell so good.


Baby-pink impatiens on the porch.

I never would have guessed that the smell of dirt could be so much fun!


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