Memorial Day Weekend

We went to Fayetteville for the weekend to visit my sister and her husband, who just moved into their new house. With my folks in Ohio visiting Grandma, we thought Amy and Rich could use a hand with the kids. It’s hard enough to unpack and get organized without having little ones to look after.

We brought Lola with us. She thought she had died and gone to heaven — my parents’ yard is a squirrel-fest:

The babies are just adorable, as always. Dixon will repeat back just about anything he hears. Because he loves his “Papa” (my dad) so much, he walks around sounding exactly like him. When he sees something interesting he says, “How ’bout that?” and “Cool, huh?”

Abigail is 7 weeks old and is all smiles and coos. She likes to study faces and say “ooh” a lot. (She also likes to poop in my lap, but all is forgiven.)

Some more photos from the weekend:


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