Patrick’s got a new job. I won’t name the company, lest someone Google their way from there to here and see what a goofball he’s married to. But it’s something he will enjoy and we are so pleased!

In celebration of his new job, I bought myself a cute Michael Kors bag! (Reasonably priced at Marshall’s, thank you very much.)


I’ve been meaning to mention a great movie we saw last weekend: Waitress, with Keri Russell. (And Andy Griffith, of all people!) It was just such a cute movie — quirky and hopeful, along the lines of Amelie, and somehow comically reminiscent of Raising Arizona.

Turns out there’s an awful story about the woman who wrote and co-starred in it. So sad.

Yay for the weekend! Tonight, Patrick and I are dining here to celebrate his new job. Tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend Lisa for lunch here and then shopping in Carytown.



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