Buncha Stuff

I haven’t done anything all that interesting lately, but everyone’s after me to update this thing. So here goes:

Lola had a vet appointment on Friday. She was very brave with her shots and surprisingly well-behaved when surrounded by puppies in the waiting room. This time last year, she embarrassed me to death at the vet’s office, straining on her leash and trying to knock everyone over.

Our girl is growing up!

We went to see 1408 this weekend. It was getting great reviews, as scary movies go, but we left there thinking, “meh.” The plot was full of holes and some of the dialogue was just absurd. And the ending was a great big question mark! Still, it was good for a scare (Patrick’s arm probably still has marks from my fingernails). And the song “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters will forever give me the creeps now.

We leave on Thursday for a long weekend in Vermont. Aside from the Ohler wedding, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

We will take lots of photos and post them as soon as we’re back. In the meantime, look what closed down 20 years ago this month.


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