The “Full Circle” Post

June 5, 2007

Saturday night, I told Patrick I was going to get up super-early and get to Fayetteville in time for breakfast while everyone was still at my folks’ house. He said there’s no way I’d get up early on a rainy Sunday morning. Hah!

Here are the two lazy lima beans I left in the cozy, warm bed:

I had a lovely visit with the family, and invited my friend Alecia to dinner at my parents’ house. (I even made dinner–and it was pretty good, if I do say so myself.) We sat out on the porch, which is just the nicest setting for a meal, and two deer pranced by like they owned the place.

While at my parents’ house, I looked through Daddy’s bird book to see if I could figure out what kind of bird has been sitting in our front yard and yelling directly through our bedroom window. Turns out it’s a gray catbird. I wasn’t sure until I found a sound clip of its annoying call online. It really does sound kind of like a cat. Listen!

Speaking of birds, here’s a video Daddy sent:

And speaking of cats, there are a few that hang out around the house (sometimes under the house, where Lola can actually smell them through the floorboards). Anyway, we’ve named one of them “Head Wound Harry,” for the giant sore on his head. Another is “Toasted Marshmallow,” because he’s all white but with tinges of brown on his fur. Earlier this evening, TM was outside looking skinny and pitiful. Patrick took him a scrap of the salmon we had for dinner, and he loved it:

And speaking of salmon, here’s the recipe for the dinner I made at my parents’ house. It was so easy and came out really elegant and yummy.

That brings this post full circle. Thank you and good night!



June 1, 2007

Patrick’s got a new job. I won’t name the company, lest someone Google their way from there to here and see what a goofball he’s married to. But it’s something he will enjoy and we are so pleased!

In celebration of his new job, I bought myself a cute Michael Kors bag! (Reasonably priced at Marshall’s, thank you very much.)


I’ve been meaning to mention a great movie we saw last weekend: Waitress, with Keri Russell. (And Andy Griffith, of all people!) It was just such a cute movie — quirky and hopeful, along the lines of Amelie, and somehow comically reminiscent of Raising Arizona.

Turns out there’s an awful story about the woman who wrote and co-starred in it. So sad.

Yay for the weekend! Tonight, Patrick and I are dining here to celebrate his new job. Tomorrow, I’m meeting my friend Lisa for lunch here and then shopping in Carytown.