Tables, Words and Slurpees

Since we moved in last year, we’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our screened-in back porch. It’s just big enough for a table and chairs, but to fill it up with all that would leave no room for Patrick’s hammock. So finally, we ordered this:

The chairs fold up and stow away in the middle of the table there, so we can roll the whole thing against a wall when we’re not using it. Or leave it half-open with two chairs when it’s just the two of us.

It ships today and should be here next week.

At work, we subscribe to this online service called the Visual Thesaurus. You type in a word and it appears, with related words popping out at all angles. From there, you can take it in the direction you want to go. It beats holding a book and flipping from word to word until you get just the one you need.

Anyway, their Web site is packed with great content on writing, language and general “word nerd” stuff. They also recommend books and blogs for good reading. One of the blogs I found there was ER Nursey, written by an emergency-room nurse. It is completely fascinating, full of all the absurd and sad and maddening things that ERs deal with every day. I can’t stop reading it!

To promote the new Simpsons movie coming out this summer, several 7-11 convenience stores have been transformed into Kwik-E-Marts. Even on the inside, they’re filled with Krusty the Klown cereal, life-size statues of various characters, and pink sprinkled donuts straight out of Homer’s private stash.

Plus, today the chain is celebrating its 80th birthday (on 7-11) by giving away free Slurpees. In 7.11-ounce cups!


One Response to Tables, Words and Slurpees

  1. fnsollog3 says:

    I wish I had a porch to put cool things on esp. a hammock…i guess yesterday was your flex day:(

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