C25K: Week 1, Day 2

I did a little bit better this time. Did the first three runs with no problem, skipped the next two, did the two after that, and skipped the last one. So one more run this time, and three of them right in a row. (I think I pushed myself too hard on the third one; I was running past a group of teenagers, and you know what harsh critics they can be!)

I think I would have done better if I had gotten started earlier. I don’t have to go to work until noon today, so I took my sweet time getting out there. There’s a lot more sunshine beating down on this neighborhood at 8 than there is at 7.

When I do get to work, it’s just going to be for our end-of-year celebration. When I first heard that, I was picturing a little pizza, some cake, maybe a nice big off-site lunch. But no. We’re going white-water rafting on the James River!

Running and white-water rafting in the same week?! What is this, the Fitness Channel?


One Response to C25K: Week 1, Day 2

  1. fnsollog3 says:

    hope you had fun in the rivah!

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