Dirka Dirka Rolls

At Barnes & Noble last week, this book on the sale rack caught my eye:

Mezze are like the Middle Eastern version of tapas, kind of like appetizers. They’re small dishes of various things — not enough for a meal, so you make several of them for the table to share and sample.

The first thing I made was a serving of Aton Al Boraq. Or, as Patrick and I have decided to call them, Dirka Dirka Rolls.

These were super-easy, once I figured out how to handle the unwieldy phyllo dough. The filling was just a mix of canned tuna, a chopped hard boiled egg and olives, with some dill and tomato paste. It was so good!

I also made swordfish kabobs (shown on the cover of the book up there), which were decent but not memorable. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt an old favorite: Baba Ghanouj! It’s a lot like hummus, but made with eggplant instead of chickpeas.

Last weekend, Patrick and I went to a local herb farm. We didn’t get any new herbs, but we learned a lot about what we can do with the mint, lemon balm and sweet Thai basil growing out back. We also got some instructions on making rose jam, but I’m not ambitious enough to try that yet. I know where to find it if I need some!


2 Responses to Dirka Dirka Rolls

  1. sara vanderclute says:

    This is borek, like we enjoyed in Turkey! The kind I remember most is filled with feta-like cheese, mixed with parsley, and deepfried. Yum!

  2. Maimsey says:

    Dang, Le-lo! You sure are a domestic diva! I’m glad the weather is cooperating better for you with the running. YOU CAN DO IT! (You have to say it like the guy in Happy Gilmore…)

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