A Walk to Pitasburg

(We learned pretty quickly that people around here don’t pronounce the first R in Petersburg. They also say “air” instead of “our,” as in, “Stop by air office and a member of air staff will be happy to help you.”)

Anyhoo, the other day I decided that if I’m going to do this 5K thing I better figure out exactly how long 5K is. All my training has been around in circles, so I have no idea what distance I’ve gone.

So I clicked around on the Gmaps pedometer site and found that a walk to Petersburg and back was about 5K. I leashed up the dog, and off we went.

Petersburg is just starting to bounce back from some really rough times. The downtown area has lots of little antique shops (of the fancy variety and the dusty, dig-your-own-treasure variety) and great restaurants.

It’s got quite a lot of history too. There were major battles here, including the Siege of Petersburg during the Civil War. Before that, the Marquis de Lafayette (who was born 250 years ago today, thank you very much) and his troops set up artillery on the hill overlooking Petersburg to fire on British troops. Hence the name “Colonial Heights.”

Anyway. Lola and I walked to Petersburg and did a little loop around downtown. On the walk back, her little paws were dragging and I was staaarving. But 5K doesn’t seem like such a big whoop. When you’re walking, anyway …

I brought the camera along. Looky:


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