This is so cool!


Go to this link and follow the instructions to find out if you are right-brained or left-brained. It depends on which direction you see the dancer spinning; most will see her turning only one way or another, although for some she will change direction repeatedly.

I turned out to be right-brained, but so much more of the left-brained column sounds like me. Maybe I’m a little of both; if I stare at her long enough she’ll spin the other way.



2 Responses to This is so cool!

  1. Maimsey says:

    Oh, my GOD! I am totally freaked out by that! I saw her going clockwise until I started READING, then she turned the other way. It would happen every time I’d start reading! Weird!

  2. timewellspent says:

    Isn’t it crazy?! Once you start seeing her spin in one direction, you think, “How did I ever see her spinning the OTHER way?”

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