A Good Day

This morning we slept in and then took Lola to the dog park. I wish I had taken my camera because it is so much fun to see her tumble around with other dogs. She was covered in dirt and drool by the time we left, and completely exhausted.

When we got home, Patrick went for a run and had a great idea for my lazy self: How about reading in the hammock for a while? I settled in with my book, but within minutes I was fast asleep. He snapped these photos when he got back and busted me:

When I finally got up, we got showered and wandered out for something to eat. We ended up at Rosa’s (an Italian place in Hopewell) and ate entirely too much food.

When we got back from dinner, we had a NetFlix movie to watch. It was Transamerica, a thoroughly bizarre movie that won Felicity Huffman an Oscar nomination a couple of years ago. Don’t bother!

Tomorrow, we’re going to the National Folk Festival, which is in Richmond one more time before moving on to a new city next year. They’ll have live music, everything from Zydeco to Persian hammered dulcimer, and crafts and yummy food. Wheee!


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