Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Patrick said his mom always said it was good luck to say “Rabbit rabbit rabbit,” first thing on the first day of every month. We don’t always remember to say it first thing, but we do say it every month. And our luck’s been pretty good!

Last night’s Halloween festivities were pretty action-packed. Our neighborhood always has a little Halloween party at the park down the street.

Since everyone wants to go there, and the kids get plenty of candy by attending, they don’t really expect you to give out candy to trick-or-treaters. But because we are suckers, we do it anyway.

Last year, we were woefully unprepared for the invasion. By the time Patrick got home, the candy bowl was dwindling to nothing and I was looking around for raisins, crayons, soy sauce packets … anything to throw in their bags and send them on their way. We finally just shut the door, turned the light off and hid behind the couch the rest of the night.

This year, we knew what was up. I got an assortment of candy, about 200 pieces in all, and made a nice little arrangement so kids could see their options and pick one. Pick one.

After three or four kids helped themselves to more than one, we took the reins back and just started giving them one of whatever we wanted to give them. Starting with the fruit candy, because we hate that crap.

Here’s what the assortment looked like after an hour or so:

Yeah, as soon as those Skittles are gone, out go the Butterfingers!

The idea was to save the Reese’s for last, so that if we ran out of kids before we ran out of candy, we could keep the yummiest candy.

But the kids just kept coming and coming! Several didn’t bother to say thank you, at least two didn’t even have costumes on, one was very clearly an adult, and one broke my cute flower pot!

But the others totally made it worthwhile. There was a tiny little pirate who said “Arrgh” on command, a little lion who growled sweetly up at us, and a fairy princess who was just overjoyed by the Skittles we gave her. One girl bounded off the steps and around the corner and said, “Mommy, I’m having so much fun!” Aww. I can’t wait to hear stuff like that.

Once we shut the door and turned out the light, we were wiped out. I was bummed not to have any Reese’s, but Patrick surprised me — he had hidden a handful of them when I wasn’t looking. Score!


2 Responses to Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

  1. sara vanderclute says:

    Halloween sounded fun at your house! I was just relieved we didn’t lose any trick or treaters into a gaping septic tank hole!

  2. Aunt Shelly says:

    Oh My God! We try and say “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” every month, too! Was that really from my Mom? I will have to ask her. I can’t find any reference on the internet.

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