Yesterday morning we got up and took Lola to the dog park. She loves running around with the other dogs, and we love bringing her home tired.

She really wanted to catch that brown and white dog.


A moment to rest with Daddy and a new friend.


This was about an hour after we got home.


Then we went mattress shopping to replace the saggy, squeaky, lumpy thing we currently sleep on. We found a perfect, firm-but-not-hard mattress for about half of what we would have paid at the first place we looked. It will be delivered (for free!) in two weeks. Yay!

After that, we had a lovely dinner at Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro. The Ohlers (famous for hosting the Best Wedding Ever, our reason for going to Vermont earlier this year) had surprised us with a gift certificate, so we chowed down on yummy food and big fat slices of cheesecake. We also had fun eavesdropping on the high school kids next to us, who were all decked out for Homecoming and acting very endearingly dorky.

Today, Patrick went out to do boy things and I stayed here to putter around the house. At one point, Lola was barking up a storm in the backyard. That’s not such a surprise — one of her favorite pastimes is sitting at the bottom of the walnut tree and yelling up at the squirrels.

But when I peeked out the bathroom window at her, she was looking down into the mulch and barking. I figured a wiggly earthworm had caught her eye, and I went out to shut her up. As soon as I got close, I heard this squeaky little scream from under her paw.

A moooooole!

“Please, can I eat it?”


The poor mole was unhurt but scared out of his wits. I kept trying to flip it over with a stick and photograph its creepy little feet and nose. But every time it started to flip over, it would scream.

After deciding I was too chicken to kill or remove it, I held Lola off until it had safely burrowed out of site. It’s probably munching away on my tulip bulbs right now, but what’re you gonna do.


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