12-Week Ultrasound

Today was our 12 week ultrasound! The purpose of this scan was to measure the size of the nuchal translucency, a clear part of the back of the baby’s neck. A measurement of 2.5 mm or more may indicate Down syndrome or other complications. Champ’s was well within the normal range at 1.6 mm. Whew!

As soon as the ultrasound tech pushed the wand into my belly, Champ appeared on the screen and threw his (her?) arms and legs up in surprise. The tech moved the wand around a bit, trying to get the right angle to see what she needed to see. During all this, Champ is squirming and waving like crazy.

At one point, he (she?) lifted one hand up to the brow in a little “salute.” I asked if we could get a shot of that, but as the tech went for the button that little arm went right back down. Too bad — it was incredibly cute!

I’m amazed at how much movement is going on in there that I can’t even feel yet. Go baby go!


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