Joe’s First Outfit

My co-workers Nick and Val surprised me with a little gift when I came in after the ultrasound – Joe’s first outfit! (They had a “Betty” outfit tucked away too, just in case!)

How cute is this:

When I laid it out just now to take the photo, Patrick asked what “Flat Joey” was doing. Hee.

On Saturday, I’m cashing in the gift certificate he got me for a prenatal massage.  He’s even picking me up so that I don’t have to worry about driving once I’m all relaxed.

Then on Sunday, I’m going to start cleaning out the guest room to officially make it a nursery. There’s so much to do! I want to get started right away so that we’re not totally overwhelmed when the manic nesting phase kicks in ….


2 Responses to Joe’s First Outfit

  1. fnsollog3 says:

    I must say that Nick has mighty good taste!

  2. Little Joe says:

    Nick has good taste, yes… thanks for the new clothes!
    Now go get a new little photo – it’s winter and the flip-flops are played.

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