Male Bonding

One recent Saturday, Patrick announced that he and Joe were going out. He didn’t know where, but he was eager to spend some time with the boy. (Even though the boy doesn’t really do much yet except sleep and fuss.)

A couple of hours later, I received this image from Patrick’s camera phone:

That’s Joe in a sidecar at one of Patrick’s favorite motorcycle shops. If it were legal (and there were a helmet small enough for Joe’s little noggin), I’m sure Patrick would have driven him home in it.


One Response to Male Bonding

  1. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE the male bonding! You’ll really appreciate that time when Joe is 2 and running all over the place and tears through the house and screams all the time. Just sayin… Anyway, will you send me an actual e-mail so I have your address?

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