Joe’s Jams

Joe has already developed a little ear for music. If he’s fussy, all you have to do is start singing him a light and happy tune. He goes all quiet and stares at your face until you’re done singing, and then he smiles. (If you sing him a tune that’s kind of sad, he’ll keep fussing!)

This is my favorite to sing to him. He’s an Angel Baby, so it just came out of my mouth one day — and it’s been a daily thing ever since.

“Angel Baby”
Rosie & The Originals


This one is another favorite. (Can you tell I spent a lot of time listening to my dad’s records as a kid?)

“I Love How You Love Me”
The Paris Sisters


At night, when I feed him after his bath, we listen to a CD I made to listen to while in labor. The first song is from the Curious George soundtrack, of all things. Patrick calls it “hippie music,” but I think it’s a sweet song for a kid.

“With My Own Two Hands”
Ben Harper and Jack Johnson


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