This Just In: A Tooth!

Two days ago, Joe was drooling even more than usual and chewing on his fingers a lot. I offered him one of my knuckles, and as soon as he got it in there, I felt something sharp scraping my skin. I pried his mouth open and got just the slightest glimpse of a tooth coming through.

Today it’s finally grown enough to photograph:

First tooth!

Click here for a closer inspection.

Our boy is growing up!


3 Responses to This Just In: A Tooth!

  1. sara vanderclute says:

    Oh, that darling boy! I think I called that tooth when you were here over Christmas – so I get to buy him his first pair of shoes!! (Real shoes that is)

  2. Maimsey says:

    Ha! Upon closer inspection, I see a booger! šŸ™‚ Hee hee

  3. timewellspent says:

    He will learn early on that Aunt Amy can always be counted on to point out stray boogers. And spinach in his teeth, when he has a few more of them!

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